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BOOK: Holy Crimes
Author: Elove Poetry & Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
 14 Feb 2014
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

Let’s talk poetry, shall we? I love poetry! I love me some good words which flow rhythmically, and phrases which make me grin in pleasure, for there’s nothing in this world as calming as words from a poet. Behold, another good book  from one creative Kenyan. It’s a poetry book. I was trying to contain my thrill as I flipped through the pages. Why? I’m obsessed with anything poetic.

Holy crimes is a collection of love poems. A narrative of sorts. Divided into five segments, the book starts with a female persona. She is sorry. She regrets what she did in the past. In a remorseful tone, the female persona explains how guilty she feels for not appreciating the love her partner showed her. She confesses how much she treasures her lover. Oh boy! I could feel the guilt and regret in her voice as I read the words. She had everything pleasant. She had the love, a caring partner, more than an awesome life, but she messed and blew it all away. How miserable. All she has now are memories, embarrassment and shame.

… Don’t leer, it’s clear, baby I say come,
Throw ya’ arms around me
Take a moment with me, what the hug gonna do,
Baby stick to me;
I love chests and yours is right,
Wrap them arms around, hold tight
It feels right, I want to be in here,
And together we can be all right …

The above stanza from the”I wanna Love You” part says it all. She dearly misses him. She wants to re kindle their old flame, but oops! It’s all gone.

The male persona’s part “He Loves” starts with what looks like a prayer to the almighty. He prays that he be strong and move on, and not be hurt by love. Does he still love her? Yes. But he is not able to get back with her. She betrayed her. Loving her was a daunting task. The male persona is the victim here. He did everything right but his lover disappointed him.

These are conversations. Monologues from parties who are not in the same location, but shared a thing in the past.

There’s a lot of creative ways the poem has been written.

  • REPETITION: I like the way repetition has been used. It emphasizes the message the persona has for the reader.
  • RHYTHM: What is a poem without a little rhythmic verses here and there? Through the stanzas, the author used both the regular and irregular rhyme schemes.
  • ROMANCE: The language used here is distinct. The words you stumble upon spell nothing but love. Though there’s a little disappointment from the speakers in some stanzas, One can’t ignore the beautiful wording used.
  • USE OF INFORMAL LANGUAGE: No, you don’t need a serious face when reading this. The author knew this. This brings about a relaxing atmosphere in the book. It’s love, no complicated jargon from technical disciplines.

Here is my favorite part. The Crimes. Talk of different personalities, and a bunch of distinct characters from those mentioned by the speakers in the poem. Teenage love affair, The Seducer, The Self employed… I loved this so much!

The Jack n Jill conversation under Love and Lovers is not one to be skipped. The two love birds exchange all the cute words that can be found in the flirtation dictionary. Their deep admiration and love for each other is iconic.

A little poetry never hurts. Actually, we all need poetry in our existence. Poetry is life. Calm and well organized words, intimate, passionate and love -filled phrases. Sweet-sounding stanzas, a perfect narration with a mellow and melodious rhyming style. That is how I’ll describe this piece of literature. The book has well crafted verses, and should be accompanied by a glass of wine or cup of coffee when reading, for the book is nothing but evocative. A four out of five stars from me :-).

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