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BOOK: Flashes of Vice: Vol II
Author: Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
22 Nov 2014
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

A month ago I reviewed Vol I of the “Flashes of Vice” Book series. It was a fantastic read. Vol II is nothing less than stirring. The author once again has highlighted the ills in the society through the short stories.

The author grouped the stories in four main categories; Terrorism, sexual relations, love and crime. The first six stories are based on terrorism. Here, the author shows us how terrorists operate and scheme bombings especially in major cities in the world. He also talks of soldiers who after going to war, sometimes turn into traitors and are killed. Journalists; the role of the media when informing the masses of happenings, and how sometimes the truth is never told for everyone’s safety.

The seventh story in the book, which is the first under the category of “Sex & the City” shows how some marriages are covered with lies. A woman visits her husband at the hotel where the husband’s company is having a trade symposium. The woman wanted to surprise her husband, Frank. She went into the  the room where frank was, but what did she get? Another woman. She fell unconscious due to the shock. How could her husband of thirteen years still be cheating on her?

Mira’s Love Affair” is one of my best stories. The main theme in the story is unfaithfulness in marriages. Mira, a career woman, lies to her husband that she has gone to Mombasa for a work trip. The truth is that Mira is meeting with another man. She has an affair with this young man. What Mira doesn’t know is that her husband knows about the affair, and is watching her and the young man as they kiss and talk. This noteworthy story has two parts. The first part is told by Mira’s husband. The second is narrated by the young lover. Interesting. It has a tragic end though, as the cheating Mira dies.

“Abortion is not a crime“ is such an enlightening story. I like the characters, and the conversations they have. I love how each character, whether pro-abortion, anti-abortion, or pro-choice defends their arguments. You gotta give it to the writer. That was such an amazing piece.

Some of the societal issues the book covers include, mistrust, romance, homosexuality, the world of crime, neglect of children by mothers, terrorism, female genital mutilation, religion, deception and pretense in families.

The book is nothing short of magnificent. It’s astounding. The author has written exceptionally juicy tales, which are remarkable in more than one way. Oh! and the suspense is still on. Just like Vol I, one feels the author has denied them their right to enjoy a few more words, when a story comes to an end. Each story leaves one salivating for more.This is the third book I’ve read by the author, and trust me, whatever he pens down always comes out terrifically excellent. I like his use of literary stylistic devices, and the simplicity when putting words together. This is a nice weekend read for anyone who enjoys brief and juicy tales.

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