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BOOK: Beyond
Author: Famous-Isaacs Ogadu
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
14 Feb 2017
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

Famous Isaacs is a Nigerian blogger, film maker, novelist and professional photographer who *specializes in documentary shooting, weddings and making portraits. He has authored another poetry book, “One Day In The Falling Light Of Dusk”. The book was published in 2013.

In this book, the author talks about random topics. He uses very few lines in his verses. Possibly one of the fewest to ever been used in recent times. His verses are not that complex, just what any reader can read and enjoy at any given period of the day, and in any situation.

The author starts telling his tale while in London. It’s six in the A.M. He has been dreaming about about an unknown person. The author says the un-named character burns in his heart. The persona in the poem and this unknown character had a connection in the past. From his description, one can tell that the speaker in the poem deeply treasured this unknown person. They are no longer together. He still loves her.

Apart from the lost love, the author also pays tribute to his mother. Even in despair, he still stands high because of his mother’s love. He confesses his love for his mother. “…Beyond words; beyond this beyond; beyond imagination. He loves her like the queen of the night…” From the poet’s words, one can feel that the mother is his pillar and inspiration.

In a different page, he tells us his experience as a solo traveler at night. What he observes, how quiet and calm the night is. He is the lonely moon in a starless night.

There goes the saying that “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling. The book proves this. In an attempt to make the book outstanding, the author added features which may not be common in most poetry books.

FONT: The amazing thing about this book is that you can read it from even a mile away. The author used letters big enough for everyone to enjoy his masterpiece without straining their eyes. The book has been arranged in a way that every stanza is written on its own page.

BREVITY: Being a micro-poetry book, the writer had to avoid a lot of wording. This makes it easy and pleasant for the reader to comprehend the subject being talked about, without having to take too much time digging deeper.

NARRATION: His style is simple. The book is a good read for people across all generations. The author tells arranged the stories he narrates in the verses in an interesting manner.

RHETORIC AND OTHER STYLISTIC DEVICES: His use of rhetoric questions once in a while, similes and metaphors, repetition for emphasis and lovely rhyming adds the aesthetic value in his poetry.

The book has many riveting short narrations. Some are as short as two lines. That makes them more fascinating.

This poetry book is good especially if you are hit with the “Reader’s block” as it doesn’t contain many lengthy paragraphs, which may seem like a load of work in such a situation. Micro poetry is the easiest form of literature to read. The author’s form of writing is super.

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