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BOOK: Flashes of Vice: Vol III
Author: Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
14 Feb 2017
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

Flash fiction! And this is even better as we have already had a taste of what the author has produced in his previous books. This very thought provoking and entertaining book is a collection of short stories which leave the reader wishing for more. Like previous volumes, every story penned by the author is interesting in its own way. Soon as you start on the first story, you get the urge to go on and on without having the urge to stop.  “The 72 virgins” is the first story in the book. This is not just a story, it’s more than that. Through this, we are reminded of some historical facts. The author also touches on events that currently happen around the globe. Terrorism; The many terror groups in different parts of the world, how the various governments deal with acts of terror. Religion; what is taught in the holy books versus how it is interpreted. Islam, terrorism and the stereotypes created every day. When reading this, you somehow forget that it was supposed to be fiction. The Al Shabaab, ISIS, Boko Haram and all terror groups that cause harm to innocent beings.

Though in a less serious way, the author gets real with facts. This should definitely be the first story to be read by anyone who gets hold of the book. And no, terrorists are not rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven after they commit mass murders. These are myths and lies which have been passed through out the generations, when the terrorists are being radicalized. Islam is against such crimes. The story ends in an even better style. It’s a letter. Who is it written to? Perhaps you, the reader, or the terrorists who commit these inhumane acts, perhaps it is addressed to governments or the general public. The letter is full of logic. It is signed Allah.

“Law Abiding Law-Breaker” is the title of one of the many exciting stories written. Catchy huh! I too, couldn’t resist. I skipped all the stories and jumped right into it. The story line is absorbing. Short and gripping. Like the other stories, there is a bottom line which leaves one thinking after the last paragraph. The book is not a novella with one main story, so no one is restricted to follow the stories in order.

The reader picks something after every story. Never a dull paragraph or tale narrated. The organization of the story is also laudable. The language used in the book is a bit strong; it doesn’t make the stories any less interesting. This being a part of book series, I must admit the author is really gifted when we are talking about flash fiction. This genre of literature is a go-to for folks who are not fans of Long-Reads. A 4/5 star from me.

For new readers in this type of genre, I would advice that you look for both the first and second volumes of this book series. Flashes of Vice Volumes I and II are as good as the third volume. The author never disappoints. His style of writing is out of this world. This book is such a nice weekend read.

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