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BOOK: Bachelorette Diaries
Author: Elove Poetry
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
14 March 2015
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

I must admit that diaries have the most confidential information about their owners. People note down in detail their daily experiences and encounters in their diaries. This is one of the reasons diaries are kept in private.

When I got hold of this book, I knew I was in for a treat. The front cover and heading of the book are obviously appealing enough for any curious eye. Just like the title suggests, the author enables us journey in her life through her diary. She gives a weekly update of the interesting and sometimes weird things that happen to her.

The writer is a fierce and outgoing  woman who has quite an interesting life. I lived with her through out the fifty two weeks she documented her life in the book. The bachelorette goes by the name Shiri. In the first week, the writer describes herself as an independent thinker. She doesn’t believe everything that’s thrown her way. She has to weigh some things from her angle. In her second week,  she goes on to describe herself as “Miss Independent”. She is proud of this. cliché, you may say, but nothing as good as a woman who can without straining, take care of her financial needs without bothering anyone. You have to admire this character in her.  She says she is intelligent. A triple threat, something many men fail t cope with. The tone used here is a little more of boasting than just sharing her life with her readers. I look at her as a free spirit and an exciting personality to study. The author is also not a social person, or so her mother believes.  The author goes ahead to air some pretty intimate details about her personal life. “I have not had a man in my life for the past nine years…” “… I have been man-less since twenty three, at three o’clock, three days after being relieved of my virginity by the man who was my prince charming..” I know what you’re thinking, too much information, right? I thought the same too. It is a diary anyway, and this type of content shouldn’t surprise us.

Characters of Shiri

  • She is a free thinker: She does not subscribe to the customary or standard practices and beliefs around. She doesn’t pay attention to all the societal norms, and things which attract a huge human following like religion. She questions anything that can be questioned without following the norms blindly. She reasons with self and tries to view things from different perspectives. She also comes out as a  little Skeptic.
  • A braggart: I dislike this character in her. She is proud. An annoying show off. Shiri often shares her luxuries lifestyle, her tours around the globe. She talks of how she can afford to take any meal she pleases in any six star hotel in the capital. How she meets the high and mighty.
  • She is observant: The reader can’t fail to notice how she portrays the characters she interacts with in her life. In one of the first weeks, she summarizes her secretary’s feeding habits during lunch hour through out the month.
  • She is carefree: The bachelorette, who is in he early thirties, doesn’t really care about other peoples’ judgement of her. she lives her life to the fullest. Taking one step at a time. She will do whatever she pleases if she has the means.

By the time I got to week fifty two, I had surely learned a lot about this gorgeous and full of life lady. The reader meets her associates, friends and family, and knows how they relate with each other. she is sometimes difficult to deal with, as she can be a know it all and a pain in the ass. She considers herself a miss know-it-all. Well, you can’t blame her. She has had a good schooling and is good at what she does. The book is a light read. One kind of feels like they are reading a journal which is too detailed.

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