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BOOK: Flashes of Vice: Vol II
Author: Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
22 Nov 2014
Reviewer: Eva Muturi

I don’t know where to start…first of all i related well with the book because the setting is in Kenya…yuhuu and all places, things mentioned i felt like i was walking in the scenes (can we make it a Kenyan movie? Do the ladies who happen to go to club Galileo be bachelorettes- just aking). Secondly, as a bachelorette i could completely capture some of my wants in life (getting a man for a resolution, been miss independent, boss lady) into Shiri who is the diary writer. Thirdly, it is more than a diary *winks (excuse me, the diary kicks off from week1-52, year 2012) Fourthly, no matter how fiction of a book it is, methinks it’s real *smiles. Shiri is a go getter who runs two companies; Golan Technologies-family software company and Kol Yizrael Kenya- a media group from Israel. It is after falling in love with a “priest cum murderer” Fr. Frank that her diary gets better. What she doesn’t know is there is a Jewish secret movement to take over the world and she is at the center of it all (the software she has been developing), thanks to her dad! Betrayal, lies, corruption, blackmail and the urge to reveal the truth glues a reader in this journal to the point one wishes there could be a second one just to find out how Willy – KDF soldier and Shiri’s romance survived and if Frank (who is a CIA by the way) destroyed the movement.

PS: I can’t wait for Elove’s Poetry “Diary of an assassin” coming up on 2019 and you get to read that excerpt at the last pages. For more info on Elove works visit his blog Elove and buy Elove’s books of which I got them (paperbacks) delivered because my review works are seeing me off as authors approach me to review their books. So in case you see more Kenyan stuff, just know and in case you want a reviewer halla at your girl. (This should become my 4th career, don’t ask what’s the other 3.)

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