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BOOK: Flashes of Vice: Vol II
Author: Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
22 Nov 2014
Reviewer: Eva Muturi

Terrorists and Freedom Fighters, For Love, Crimes and Grimes are the major phases that make up 35 flash fiction stories in this thrilling book. No matter how short each story is, the thirst for more is real but the author knows his suspense very well and you left with the “how could you do this to me Vinny,” look.

Much of what is here is a setting of Kenya and things that happened with an imaginary twist to it. At times you try to assure yourself that indeed things went the Vice way but when reality snaps; it is just fiction. I continue to applaud the fact that Paul knows his surroundings too well and methinks he should have been a CIA, soldier or something of the caliber. By any chance i might have figured out that action and sci-fi movies are his A thing.

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