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Twisted Times: Son of Man
Author: Vincent de Paul
Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) Ltd
Date Published:
13 Aug 2015
Reviewer: Eva Muturi

“Few people make things happen, scores watch things happen, but millions do not have an idea of what is happening …”

Kennedy Maina made it happen big, major, film way in this book while I just watched  when each event unfolded in the most unpredictable manner but for those who have no idea what my uproar is all about just  know that I got that action, UNPUTDOWNABLE KENYAN book which is a trilogy! Like for the sake of those who go yapping “oooh I don’t read Kenyan books because they have no content or slay to our faces they only do the likes of Ngugi or Meja,” guys sit down, be humble. Vincent De Paul is the author to watch out for. He has been around, is around and is here to stay as long as we give credit where it’s due (am not on a marketing spree but c’mon I might just become his marketer after this…and will keep on insisting we no scratch that, I say we got a lot of films to make from these books).

Back to basics, Kennedy wants to pursue his university education but his father has other plans; work for his uncle Job who can have his life fed from a golden plate. However, he denounces the offer, escapes home and luckily his girlfriend supports him while at Uni. With the mind of a hustler he goes on a job hunting fling till he meets Urbanas-SANU leader who does all the dirty work for the mighty as long as money speaks. The Mavis gang becomes his family, they rob the dead (coffins), graduate to highway robbers and are awarded the certificate for eliminating people without a trace linking them. Plus all those killed are intertwined, more of a web. Dough, booze and bitches become his A thing and holy cow does he live life! After a deal lands him to prison, he decides to take a new leaf but as we know gang rules “it’s is either you in or in…no out or death silences you.”

Well Son of Man (his nickname at campus) opts out, takes a criminology short course, works as a forensic investigator but his team members begin been eliminated one after the other because of an expose. This makes him run to Israel where he meets the Aviv’s. Temptations take a turn for the worst when he impregnates the triplets with neither of them knowing a hoot of his cheating and he silently jets back to Kenya to avoid the Aviv’s. Back home his girlfriend Susan is married by Sam who calls the shots to Urbanas and he decides to hide under the church as a sacristan. His new mask makes him convert his name to Paul (like in the Bible, Saul) but the past is back to haunt him. Urbanas is after him.

Crime, passion, deceit, money, corruption makes this Twisted Times a book worth reading. Each chapter leads to more juice, suspense and no matter how you guess the twists you ain’t going to nail it. How murder scenes are choreographed makes a reader think they are in CSI and how Vincent tells the story leaves one laughing off the sarcasm since it is not all that serious too. I love the book because characters got Kenyan names well apart from the Israel ones, action takes place in familiar Kenyan setting making it easy to map the plot and one can tell the author has really done his homework deeply as one gets to know new Intel. It been a trilogy, book two The Phantom, will be out next year and can’t wait to see if Paul goes back to Ken, if the Aviv’s come for his blood, if Susan snitches on Sam’s plans…..there is so much hunger am dying for and really looking forward to. Is a good read, I still can’t get over it and this review is not enough.

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