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So You Thought There’s No Such Thing as Educational Success Any More …

Our Newest Writer, Kerich Jonah, debunks the misconception in his book, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Mystery Publishers has made its mark in self-publishing in Kenya, so a book on guiding students on educational success in the Kenyan education system means taking a whole new approach to studying.

In Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Kerich Jonah gives invaluable tips to students and anyone who is a student of life tips on how to succeed.

This is not your usual ‘do this and that’ book but a story of resilience, determination, motivation from a young man who defied failure to succeed in his educational journey.

The book is available for purchase at $1.99 (Ksh. 199)in the following online stores:


Mystery Books

Mystery Books

Mystery Books is an Imprint of Mystery Publishers for eBook publishing, sales, and distribution.

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