ISBN: 978-1503277717

Flashes of Vice: Vol II


by Vincent de Paul

Life on the fast lane; sex, money and crime – the holy trinity of life. Terrorists and their virgins; love, romance and marriage chastised.

Flashes of Vice tells life as it is in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more – something you will never get.

Flashes of Vice: Vol II is the second book in the Flashes of Vice series. It is a collection of flash fiction stories touching on the vices affecting the society today: the holy trinity of life – money, sex & crime; terrorism and relationships.



Author:  Vincent de Paul
ISBN:  978-1503277717
Country:  Kenya
Publisher:  Mystery Publishers
Size (In):  5.8 x 9.0
Pages:  117
Format:  Paperback
Colour:  Black & White
Weight  100 grams
Language:  English
Publication Date:  22 Nov 2014


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