ISBN: 978-9966-955-12-8

The Power of Choice


by John Abdub Wako

Choose Now …

In The Power of Choice, author John Abdub Wako presents a ten-point holistic, principle-centered approach for individual success. He points out that we make the CHOICE to succeed or fail, and this he reveals through insights drawn from his experiences and pointed anecdotes.

The Power

John states that the power of positive thinking, determination, and desire, combined with the power of NOW, when focused well, enhances confidence in what we are doing and aiming to achieve. However, we need to have patience and consistency in networking with other people who play a key role in our journey to success, but we should have the courage to say no to what won’t contribute to our success and be steadfast in the YES of what we undertake.

To Success!



Author:  John Abdub Wako
ISBN: 978-9966-955-12-8
Country:  Kenya
Publisher:  Mystery Publishers
Size (In):  5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages: 94
Format:  Paperback
Colour:  Black & White
Weight  –
Language:  English
Publication Date:  31 August, 2020

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